Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of license do we have?

C-5 Concrete Coatings license 

Q. How many jobs have been complete?

Over 400 dating back to 2007

Q. Do we offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty from the day the job is completed. Our warranty covers any cracks in the overlay, micro-toppings, & cool decking. We will come out and repair the area free of charge. (customer must follow recommended maintenance protocol) *certain restrictions apply

Q. What if I pick a color I'm not happy with?

We encourage our customers to be involved throughout the process to ensure this doesn’t happen. Also, to avoid this we start staining in a small area, then get your approval to proceed.

Q. How much does it cost?

All jobs vary based on prep work, customization, area, etc. Most jobs start at $4 per SQFT

Q. What kind of Products do we use?

Most products are of the highest grade from local distributors, and 90% of our stain is water based which we find to be safer and eco-friendly.

Q. Is a deposit required?

Yes, between 35% - 50% on the 1st day of the job

Q. How long does the work usually take?

This depends on the job type, size, etc. On average 4-7 days, but during the estimate process you will have a firm timeline.