Polished Concrete

A Polished Concrete Floor is meant to have a high gloss, shiny finish with Design Options varying from many colors and patterns

Stained Concrete

Concrete Floors that are Stained can be done with either an Acid or Water base, to achieve a different look for each project. We can combine several different colors to create a marbleized look and feel to the floors.

Cool Decking

Most commonly used in around pool areas, Cool Decking can be done with several different materials, such as epoxy coatings, skim coats, micro-toppings, spray on, and much more. The color and pattern options are limitless.

Exposed Aggregate

This option is accomplished by heavily grinding the Concrete with many different diamond grits until the right amount of Aggregate is Exposed. The floors can either be left with a matte finish or sealed to a high gloss, shiny finish.


Flagstone is the style of the Southwest, but can referred to as stamped concrete. When saying Flagstone, you are referring to the design and color scheme that is used.

Overlays & Coatings

When referring to Overlays and Coatings it’s usually applied to the interior of a home. A very thin layer of custom Concrete is hand troweled onto the floors that creates a luxurious texture which is then stained with a water based stain and finished with a high gloss protective sealer